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January 20, 2013 / Katy Green

Reflective Thoughts

I write this on the way back up to Wrexham from a lovely weekend in Keele with my friends. A third of the way in to my penultimate physio placement. From what I’ve seen of Wrexham itself, it’s perfectly nice. The hospital I’m working in is friendly and well run and I’m enjoying the change of pace a ward based placement offers. However, I’ve been feeling pretty down at times and this is because I’m living in Wrexham on my own. I’ve never been a homesick person or thought I’m someone who really relies on the company of others. However, being in Wrexham alone has made me realise I’m only ok with my own company as long as I know someone is nearby if you do need them. I don’t have that at the moment. I’m 3 trains and a bus away from my friends in Keele and even more from my family in Cofton. Despite this I have been thinking about just how lucky I am that I have friends and family to miss. It was my birthday 12 days ago and as I was going to be in Wrexham, I celebrated it 4 days in advance. My parents insisted on a party (I prefer ‘celebration’). I’m not a fan of being the centre of attention so wasn’t keen. However, at a nearby hotel, about 60 people made the effort to come and wish me happy birthday. A mixture of family, friends, neighbours all came along bearing gifts. I had a really good night. It was a perfect, relaxed atmosphere with people staying as long as they wished. Cut to this weekend and I finally got to see all my uni friends since before Christmas. For my birthday they had made me a beautiful scrap book full of photos from the last 3 years. I’m very lucky to have had (and still be having) such a great time at uni and have met friends for life. I flicked to the last page of my scrap book to find a voucher to go indoor skydiving in Manchester. Something I’ve really wanted to do. Just another example of how lucky I am. Just to spend time with people I love was enough for my birthday but am now even luckier to say I have an iPad courtesy of my parents, tickets to go skydiving and see Derren Brown (not at the same time), a whole host of jewellery, clothes, and enough chocolate and Cava to last me the year, as well as vouchers and money to go straight in to savings. I’m not one for resolutions, but I definitely want to start being more positive about what I do have, rather than thinking about what I don’t have. I am very lucky to have more than I could wish for in material things, but more importantly people who I love.

All very emotional and not really me. So, in Miranda style I’m going to end this with a funny word… ‘plunge’.



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