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June 17, 2012 / Katy Green

Birmingham Walking Tour 16/6/12

As a big fan of Hustle, and of my beloved Birmingham, I signed up for a tour of locations that have been used in Hustle, and a number of other TV series and films. So, yesterday, a small group of people braved the wind and rain to be led around Birmingham by chief tour guide Mark Wilson and Sindy Campbell of Film Birmingham. I include the main locations/the ones I remember!

Dressed in a parka (yes, a parka in June) and armed with an umbrella, I met Lucy at New Street station and we made our way to Snow Hill station, almost passively getting high as we walked via the infamous pigeon park. After a quick intro, we learned that the station/surrounding buildings served as location 1 of the tour.

Due to my tender years (only born in 1992!!) I shall focus on Hustle locations as I’m afraid to say I had no idea what the other TV/films series were (Crossroads, Survivors, some Cliff Richard film etc)!

One, Colmore Row had been transformed in to a London police station where Sean made a deal with a corrupt PC who had set up his sister, Emma.



Next, we went to St Phillip’s Cathedral where a scene from the same episode was filmed with a character named Cat. We also visited Hotel Du Vin –  a favourite venue for Hustle. According to Mark, rumour has it that they had to end Hustle after 8 series as they’d filmed every possible angle inside Hotel Du Vin!


Just around the corner was the location for one of the last scenes ever of Hustle. For fans of the show, it was where thousands of pounds worth of money rained down from the roof of their hotel.

This graffiti, done by Sean Kennedy, still remains on a wall near Broad Street. I couldn’t place when this featured in an episode, but after a watch of season 7 episode 4 when I got home refreshed my memory. Subliminal messages – Derren Brown style.


Emma Kennedy’s music video as ‘Kylie Minogue’ in Season 6 epiosde 1 took place under the flyover by the Mailbox.


The final location was a real treat. The old Municipal Bank on Broad Street. We were lucky enough to be invited inside where a massive grand room greeted us with an elaborate ceiling. In Hustle this was the Bank of Syria in Series 6 episode 6.


The bank vault was broken into by the Hustle crew, where a great scene ensued. Emma, secured on a zipwire, stole the contents of one of the safes. We were lucky enough to go down to this spectacular vault and see the thousands of tiny safes. Here, is where my rubbish camera phone let me down, so the picture is courtesy of Mark ! An interesting site on the history of the bank:


This is where the tour ended. A really interesting day, I’m sure all attendees will agree. Many thanks to Mark and Sindy.


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