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July 8, 2012 / Katy Green

‘We Have to go Back’

A random post on my favourite TV series ever in the world. LOST.


Sawyer’s Nicknames:

  • ‘Dr Giggles’ (Jack)
  • ‘Dr Do-Right’ (Jack)
  • ‘Jackass’ (Jack)
  • ‘Saint Jack’ (Jack)
  • ‘Boar expert’ (Kate)
  • ‘Pippi Longstocking’ (Kate)
  • ‘Freckles’ (Kate)
  • ‘Thelma’ (Kate)
  • ‘Sweetcheeks’ (Kate)
  • ‘Sugarpop’ (Kate)
  • ‘Captain A-rab’ (Sayid)
  • ‘Al-Jazeera’ (Sayid)
  • ‘Genuine Iraqui’ (Sayid)
  • ‘Johnny boy’ (Locke)
  • ‘Steakpuff’ (Hurley)
  • ‘Deep dish’ (Hurley)
  • ‘Muttonchops’ (Hurley)
  • ‘International House of Pancakes’ (Hurley)
  • ‘Jabba’ (Hurley)
  • ‘Chewie’ (Jin)
  • ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ (Jin)
  • ‘Twitchy’ (Daniel)
  • ‘Plato’ (Daniel)

Amusing Lost Scenes:

Powerful Lost Scenes:

All character deaths should be included here (except Nikki and Paolo :P) so instead I thought I’d just leave them all out and mention them at the end. I did, however, include some murders.

Main Character Deaths:

  • Jack – In one word? Perfect. Sacrificing himself for the good of his friends and the island. Everything came full circle. I can’t say any more – I WILL cry.
  • Locke – The last thought to go through his head was ‘I don’t understand’. So so tragic. He connected with the island more than any other character and wasn’t really rewarded for it.
  • Charlie – So heroic. ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ is now iconic.
  • Sayid – His actual death! Selfless and heroic.Such a brave character. One of my faves.
  • Shannon – I was mostly sad because it made Sayid sad.
  • Boone – At the time I was devastated. One piece of eye candy gone by season 1! I’m over it now.
  • Jin & Sun – I cried for a long long time. It was one of the saddest moments in TV history for sure.
  • Juliet – I can’t decide which was more sad. Juliet or Sun and Jin. Sawyer’s reaction…
  • Michael – Hmm. I wasn’t sure about his character tbh, same about his death
  • Ana-Lucia – Meh
  • Ilana – Meh
  • Eko – Meh
  • Libby – Only sad because of Hurley
  • Daniel – Shot by his mom. Ouch. He was a great character.
  • Charlotte – ‘Raised in Bromsgrove’. Sad only because of this.
  • Nikki and Paolo – literally couldn’t care less

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